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Camilla Inês BIO


Singer and songwriter, Camilla Inês is appointed by the Diário de Pernambuco newspaper as an expressive Brazilian interpreter of Jazz-Bossa.


Since 1998 she has been dedicating herself to the study and research of Jazz, Bossa Nova, Samba and other genres of Brazilian music.


She independently produced her first album "Jazzmine", which was released in 2011 and was pre-selected in 2012 to compete for the Brazilian Music Award, the most prestigious music award in Brazil.


Currently, the CD "Jazzmine" is in the play list of several Brazilian and international radios.


After the generous invitation of Roberto Menescal to compose the lyrics of one of his songs, Camilla Inês initiates new and unpublished partnerships in compositions with Menescal himself and composers like Simone Guimarães, J. Evaristo Neto and Tico de Moraes.


Already had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some icons and highlights of Brazilian music like: Roberto Menescal, Helio Delmiro, Maestro Spok and Symphony Orchestra of Brasilia, Coro do Orfeão de Leiria (Portugal).


In 2015, Camilla Inês won the international Professional Music Award as the best executive production of her newest album "The Rhythm of Samba". Which is featured in several radios abroad (Japan, United States, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Peru, Argentina, Puerto Rico and others). The CD participates in the play list of many other radios in Brazil.

In addition to performing in Brazil in 2017, Camilla Inês performed a tour in Portugal singing and telling "The History of Samba-canção", which was a great success.


In 2018, Camilla Inês released the single "Vamos Dançar Um Bolero", by composer Herbert Pereira, showing her versatility when interpreting this beautiful song with Latin charm. Who hears this beautiful music can't stand still.

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