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Camilla Inês BIO


A Musical Trajectory Between Two Continents


From the first chords of her life, the musical trajectory of singer and composer Camilla Inês is intertwined with the richness of Brazilian rhythms and the breath of jazz. Born on Pernambuco soil, and from a musical family, she undertook a journey that took her across borders, with steps marked by her passion for music and the tireless search for authentic artistic expression.

With a keen sensitivity to sound nuances, he began his musical exploration in 1998, immersing himself in the universes of Jazz, Bossa Nova and Samba. This immersion was much more than a casual dip; the first act of a passionate commitment to Brazilian music in all its forms and nuances.


In 2011, independently, She released her first album, "Jazzmine", a milestone that not only announced its presence on the music scene, but was also recognized by critics and the public, being pre-selected in 2012 for the prestigious Brazilian Music Award.


This artist's music knows no geographical boundaries. Its chords echo beyond national boundaries, finding a home in hearts and radio stations around the world. The "Jazzmine" CD found its home in playlists of national and international radio stations, solidifying its sound presence beyond Brazilian borders.


We find a special chapter in your journey. The generous invitation from the renowned composer and producer Roberto Menescal to compose one of his songs, marking the beginning of a rich and unprecedented collaboration, which enriched their repertoire and strengthened musical ties between the two, with new and unreleased compositions.


Recognized as an outstanding Brazilian performer of Jazz-Bossa, as stated by the newspaper Diário de Pernambuco, the aforementioned artist, in 2015, saw her album "The Rhythm of Samba"obtain international recognition by winning the Music Professionals Award in the best executive production category.


This remarkable work echoes on various radio stations around the world, including Japan, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Peru, Argentina, Puerto Rico, among others, in addition to having a significant presence on playlists of Brazilian radio stations.


Not content with just conquering the national market, Camilla Inês took her art across borders. In 2017, he went on a successful tour in Portugal, presenting "A História do Samba-canção". Her artistic versatility became even more evident in 2017, with the release of the single "Vamos Dançar Um Bolero", a captivating interpretation of Herbert Pereira's beautiful composition, enriching it with her Latin charm, ensuring that his listeners will not be able to remain indifferent.


With collaborations including names like  Simone Guimarães, J. Evaristo Neto and Tico de Moraes, Camilla Inês shares the stage with Brazilian music icons, expanding her influence and reach on the music scene.


Her music has not only crossed oceans, but also lit up stages alongside renowned artists such as Roberto MenescalHélio DelmiroMaestro SpokBrasilia Symphony Orchestra, and the Choir Orfeão de Leiria (Portugal), to name just a few.


Inês's voice and compositions have captivated audiences in both Brazil and Portugal, where she carried out an unforgettable tour in 2017, sharing the history of samba-canção with an audience eager for her art.


The year 2017 marked another moment of artistic expansion with the release of the single "Vamos Dançar um Bolero", revealing the artist's versatility as she interpreted a beautiful song by Herbert Pereira with Latin charm. And so, each chord, each verse, wove the web of her musical journey.


In 2021, he consolidated his connection between Brazil and Portugal with the release of his first original EP, "Gotas de Oceano". Made by Swami Jr., winner of Latin Grammy, this work reveres female freedom through poetry and philosophy, demonstrating the depth and sensitivity of her artistic expression.


In "Gotas de Oceano", Camilla Inês presents her audience with a work that transcends borders and embraces female freedom with poetry and philosophy. This new chapter, marked by the adversities of the pandemic, reveals her skill as an interpreter, dexterity and versatility as a composer.


The music of Camilla Inês it is more than a sound; an invitation to an emotional journey and dive into the depths of the human soul. And in every note, in every chord, she reminds us that, despite geographic distances, we are all connected by the universal language of music.

"Camilla Inês is a versatile singer and leaves your audience want more"

Rosualdo Rodrigues


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